What is Cloud?

DIMO Maint Hospitality also offers to its clients cloud solutions. It is a software delivery model, in which data are centrally hosted in our data center. It is synonymous with simplicity, speed, openness, comfort and safety.
Our Cloud Computing offer allows to rent our software and to avoid an investment. It includes:

  • No infrastructure needed: you only need an internet connection
  • Data backup strategy: you can save data for years and your data are stored in two different disc systems.
  • High-secured system: firewall, encryption, SSL, VLAN, DMZ



DIMO Maint Hospitality Services


A DIMO Maint’s consultant will help you become familiar with your maintenance software:

  • Installation of your database in our data center.
  • Administrator training.
  • End-user training.
  • Setup assistance.
  • Start-up assistance.
  • Data import.