Stock Management


What is Stock Management?



Discover our complete tool for spare parts management, which you can interface with your own Property Management System (PMS) or stock management system.



Within our stock management module, you can handle:

  • Your stock of spare parts,
  • Your inventory,
  • Your replenishment.

Moreover, you can also plan inventories in compliance with the chart of accounts of your Financial Department.


What are the main issues of stock management?

  • Manage your spare parts, either handled in stock or not
  • Access the technical features of each spare part as well as the management settings (e.g. quantity, family, WAUP, suppliers, photos, storage location and unit, etc.)
  • Avoid stock shortages thanks to replenishment alerts (you define your own alert threshold)
  • Automatically enrich the parts list of the equipment
  • Access directly from the part’s card to assets, WOs and purchase orders referring to specific areas of your hotel (e.g. spa, golf, swimming pool, tennis court, etc.) or to general equipment (e.g. lights)
  • Inventory per part and per warehouse
  • Tag your equipment with barcodes: simplify your inventories and track your technicians’ jobs. Indeed, whenever an equipment has been scanned implies that the technician has performed an action. Click here for more details.