Room Inspections


Better room inspections for guest satisfaction



As hotel, it is your duty to satisfy your customers. Better periodic room inspections will help you to have a better vision of your assets. Moreover, it will improve your hotel operation and increase your guest satisfaction.

Inspect your own assets

Thanks to our Preventive Maintenance feature and our Task tab, create work orders with check-list for your technicians and engineers. Moreover, if you have similar assets, you can create preventive maintenance models.

  • Closet (door condition, shelf and rod, tie rack, iron, etc. )
  • Bathroom (door, sink, bath, toilet, water pressure, shower head, light, etc.)
  • Bedroom (carpet, door lock, A/C, furniture conditions, alarm clock, etc.)
  • Balcony (patio door conditions, lock, light, paint)
  • Life safety (smoke detector, emergency speaker, sprinkler head)