Maintenance Operations



Thanks to our hotel maintenance software, your technicians can plan technical jobs, safety inspections and long-term maintenance work.

Plan your recurrent maintenance, organize your long-term maintenance and also manage your priority preventive operations.


Recurrent maintenance

Organize your frequent control rounds for assets like boilers, generators, A/C, cold rooms, filters for swimming-pool, etc. (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis).


Long-term maintenance

Some preventive maintenance tasks occur only every 2, 5 or 10 years (e.g. weight test for elevators every 2 years). Consequently, the risk is to forget them.

Once they are created into the system, you have nothing else to do. Your CMMS acts like your memory: it generates an alert to remind you your technical jobs.

This feature is really useful to help competencies transfer when staff rotation occurs.


Management of priority preventive operations

If you have several preventive maintenance operations planned on the same piece of equipment (quarterly job, half-yearly job, annual job, etc.) you can define an order of priority between them.

Optimize preventive jobs crosschecking by preventing the triggering of maintenance operations defined in the same period as the priority operation.