Your technicians can now be reached anywhere in your hotel, thanks to our various mobile devices. Moreover, they can update their work orders from a smartphone or a tablet.


Communication by sms

  • Technicians can receive job notifications by SMS.
  • Technicians can close a work order by SMS.


Communication by email

  • E-mail job notifications to your technicians and subcontractors.


Apps for smartphones and tablets: fast and easy


  • Express WR: Back of the House staff members can notify an incident.
  • Express WO: technicians can update WOs (green button if everything is all right and red cross if additional work is required).
  • Customized profile: a technician can only see his own WOs.


Mobile version for tablets

TabletteWe designed a mobile version for technicians and requestors, accessible from your web browser:

  • The Back of the House staff members can create work requests when they notify an incident in the hotel (requestor profile).
  • Technicians only need to access what is relevant to them: work requests, work orders lists, spare parts stocks (technician profile).
  • Your technicians can access the module from a tablet: a useful device they can take with them.
  • Your technicians can also create new asset cards on the ground


Scan Pal: a mobile device for works management

The Scan Pal is an asynchronous mobile device which enables your staff members to manage work orders on the ground.

You can manage your existing work orders but also create new ones by scanning existing equipment like boilers, ventilation systems, etc.

Moreover, you can also manage your incoming and outgoing spare parts, inter-site movements and inventory management.



Mobil’Maint: our PDA mobility solution

Maintenance Managers and technicians can access the CMMS and exchange data directly from field thanks to PDAs.

  • Work request: creating express work requestpda2
  • Work orders: viewing of work orders and entering work reports
  • Equipment: locating the asset thanks to its number or tree structure level
  • Stock management: managing spare parts with barcodes and incoming and outgoing spare parts movements
  • Managing reception and deliveries
  • Reading of meters and measurements
  • Viewing of operating procedure functions