Dashboards and Analysis

Our CMMS software give you the opportunity to get dashboards and analyses based on maintenance data. Enjoy more than 100 analyses with our maintenance software.


Each has his own analysis!


Analyses for the Chief Engineering Director

The main concern of a Chief Engineering Director is the proper operation of his hotel. He has little time for dashboards and analyses. That’s why our CMMS software give you, as a Chief Engineering Director, simple analyses useful for your level.

E.g. list of equipment out-of-service, work requests split into asset families, list of work orders per asset and per creation date, etc.

Moreover, as it is necessary for you to get key information quickly, you can customize your home screen in order to display indicators about your new work orders, your work orders in progress and to do.

The green, orange and red colors allow you to see fast whether there are too many work orders to deal with.



Analyses for the Hotel Manager

A Hotel Manager needs to get detailed information because he has to report to the general management. That’s why our CMMS software offer you, as a Hotel Manager, key analysis and detailed dashboards

E.g. cost analysis per month/year and per work, ratios, budget, monthly projected cost per supplier and per year, etc.


Analyses for your hotel group’s General Management

The General Management of an hotel group needs detailed information to get an overview of the operation of a specific hotel of the group. That’s why our CMMS software provide you, as member of the General Management, with key general information

E.g. list of budgets, detailed budgetary accounts, detailed operating accounts, etc.