Breakdowns Repair


What is Breakdowns Repair?

breakdowns-repairBreakdowns repair is “a maintenance task or operation carried out in order to identify or find a particular fault. This is performed in order to repair the faulty equipment or system.

Manage all your repairs in just a few clicks and assign a technician and spare parts to your work order.


  • Simple format
  • Fundamental traceability (resources, asset, cause/effect/remedy)
  • WO per date and per hour
  • WO per work family


Express Work Request Process for the Front Office



  • The Front Office gets notified of a technical problem in the hotel (the customer calls directly the front desk or asks to the reception).
  • The Front Office creates an express work request into the system.
  • The work request is then redirected to the Maintenance Department; an available technician receives a job notification and will then be responsible for the technical repairs.


Breakdown Management Process


  • The Back of the House staff detects a technical problem in the hotel and create a work request into the CMMS software.
  • The Chief Engineering Director creates a work order (from a work request or not) and can assign technicians, spare parts, and subcontractors.
  • The technician repairs the asset and then fills in the work order.
  • The Chief Engineering Director closes the work order and can check the work performed.