FAQ – General Points


In which languages is DIMO Maint Hospitality available?

Our maintenance solution is available in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Slovak, Turkish, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese.


How can I get DIMO Maint Hospitality software?

DIMO Maint Hospitality offers you two different licensing models. You can purchase a license and the solution belongs to you or you can choose a SaaS mode.

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It is a software Cloud-based delivery model, in which data are centrally hosted. You pay a monthly fee that enables you to use the software and to have a secure and highly available hosting, daily data backups, hotline, and maintenance.


What is included in the maintenance contract?

The contract is mandatory. It gives you access to remote control, hotline, User Club membership, minor software updates, and to our extranet.


What is our mobile version?

The version is specifically designed for technicians and requestors, which you can access from any internet browser.

  • Requestor profile: the solution allows your Back of the House staff members to create work requests when they notify an incident in the hotel.
  • Technician profile: the solution provides your technicians with a full access to the mobile version. They can manage WRs, WOs, assets, spare parts stock, suppliers and get flash analyses.


Supervisor profile, technician profile, requestor profile… What is the difference?

A supervisor or an administrator is the Chief Engineering Director or Maintenance Manager of your hotel. He has full control over the CMMS solution and can define key data (technicians, suppliers, schedules, maintenance contracts, etc.), profile, and rights management. You can also give access to your Hotel Manager if necessary.

A technician is the person in charge of the repairs. He/She can update the CMMS system from the full version of our mobile version.

A requestor can create work requests into the CMMS software thanks to our WR mobile version. It concerns all your Back of the House staff members.